05 April 2014

Chicken Caesar Salad Tacos

The process of moving is always stressful.  Flimsy cardboard boxes and cumbersome furniture is cajoled into a truck before the inevitable breaking of some (hopefully unimportant) item.  But the pre-moving?  Man, I love that time.  I get to riffle through every nook and cranny of our apartment, hunting for treasures and chucking all trash.  I finally found my missing Valentine's sock (that mate's been lonely for a year and a half), gave away two copies of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels on VHS (why did I even have two?) and the hubs made $60 selling used medical textbooks on Amazon.  We're slowly but surely downsizing in preparation for the packing, and that includes the pantry.

27 March 2014

Indian Spiced Lamb in Yogurt Sauce

You've all played the Forever food game, where you pick one type of cuisine to eat for the rest of your life because you love it just that much.  For the hubs that's Mexican...my man would eat chilaquiles, enchiladas and huevos rancheros every day and be completely satisfied until his dying day.  And honestly, I could too...as a runner up.  Without a doubt, my Forever food is (and always) will be Indian.  Tender basmati, chewy naan, sweet lassi, flavorful masala, rich yogurt, spicy chilies....I could go on forever.

23 March 2014


For nearly three years I've written to you as the wife of a medical student in Southeast Ohio.  As of this May, all that will change.  I'll still be sharing our delicious kitchen exploits, but as the wife of a doctor and radiology resident.  After four years of relentless studying, sporadic hospital shifts and diligent work, we are so excited for the next stage of this adventure in medicinal life.  And as Match Day was last Friday, we found out where that life will continue....

18 March 2014

Corned Beef, Havarti & Sauerkraut Panini

Another St. Patrick's Day has come and gone, leaving our refrigerator filled with odd ends of corned beef, boiled potatoes, sauerkraut and roasted cabbage.  Yessssss.  The timing is perfect for fantastic leftover creations with all the bold flavors of your traditional corned beef dinner.  Time for pot pie, Irish-inspired omelets and my take on the classic reuben.

16 March 2014

Movie Snack Cookies

In an effort to spring clean our lives, the hubs and I have been working on our Netflix queue by watching movies every weekend.  Last night was spent with Populaire, a darling French film that had us laughing within five minutes (two thumbs and a pup paw up).  In order to make an in-house movie night more authentic, it is essential to have cinema snacks.  For us that entails popcorn and M&M's, two perfect munchies to satisfy the salty, sweet and crunchy cravings.  I'm always bouncing back and forth between the bowls, as the combo of crisp kernels and creamy chocolate is so very scrumptious.  So the idea to throw the two together in cookie batter was genius, creating the combo I love in a convenient cookie form with a lot less wiggling to distract the hubs from the home-ified cinematic experience.

12 March 2014

Pea, Prosciutto & Parmesan Risotto with Seared Scallops

It's March, meaning enough time has passed since New Year's for a truly rich and decadent dish.  I always try to hold out on these for a while, my attempt to assist all you resolutioners out there to turn those shining ideas into habitual healthy choices.  But I seriously cannot wait any longer to share this one.  The starter crops of fresh asparagus and peas are just too tempting for this veggie-lover to resist.  And in case those don't float your boat, how about tons of parmesan cheese and savory prosciutto?  Or oodles of creamy risotto?  Yeah, now I have your attention.

09 March 2014

Caesar Asparagus Toast with Poached Egg

There are three things I will never turn down:  artisan bread, high quality dark chocolate and a farm fresh egg.  Regardless of time, place or hunger level, I am powerless to turn away from their temptation.  Recently I've sworn off mass manufactured bread, opting to make my own whole wheat loaves at home (which I will share once the recipe is perfected) so artisan bread is currently in ample supply.  And as chance would have it, the hubs and I happened to get our hands on some hours old eggs last week.  Needless to say, I've been eating eggs and toast like it's going out of style.  And with all the gorgeous asparagus at the market, this Caesar Asparagus Toast has been replayed throughout the week like the theme song from Titanic at a 1997 prom.

03 March 2014

Shamrock Cookies

Top o' the mornin' to ya!  Actually, it's 7:25 in the evening, but the Irish vibe is reverberating throughout every red hair on my head.  It's only two weeks until St. Patrick's Day, always a fabulous corn beef filled festivus in our household, but this year it's an especially momentous occasion.  So fabulous and exciting that I am giving up on trying to contain my enthusiasm, opting instead to bake out all my energy.  We've had cornbread (not so Irish), bagels, soda bread and of course these darling little cookies.  So darn cute and pop-able, you'd be unlucky to pass the holiday by without a batch.

26 February 2014

Barbecue White Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

This past weekend the hubs and I ate our way through Savannah, Georgia...and what an scrumptious frenzy it was.  The abundance of assorted cornbreads, freshly caught seafood, buttery grits and local liquors was enough to make a gal think about calling off another week of work and just keep eating.  Needless to say, this is not that rich Southern food.  After an overabundance of bacon, butter and other animal bi-products, the hubs and I needed reprieve from their richness.  So this week we're enjoying some of our healthy basics - delicious, nutritious and in this instance meatless.

20 February 2014

Mom's Favorite Beef Stew

Dear Old Man Winter, you've made your point.  Please leave.  I will happily forfeit next winter in advance if you would only end your relentless blustering.  Sincerely, the Craig family.  PS - Have I mentioned the pups frozen paws?

Yeah, I'm so over snow.  Maybe if there were a mountain nearby for skiing I would be singing a different tune, but I am stuck in the flattest stretch of midwestern plain around.  I mean, geeze.  The only thing keeping me sane right now is soup...pots and pots of it.  Vegetable, roasted cauliflower, lentil sausage and pesto white bean help the days ease a bit more warmly by.  But when I need a big bowl of comfort food, there is only one soup that can warm my heart and soul...my mom's beef stew.