27 January 2014

Coconut Nutella Pound Cake

I've never cared much for pound cake.  After eating one too many heavy, dry and flavorless bricks at the post-church coffee/snack table growing up, I avoided them completely.  But after succumbing to a beautiful looking cranberry loaf over the holidays, the hubs made a startling revelation...he loves pound cake.  Having never made one in all our pre-dating, post-proposal and mid-marriage years, I didn't know these dense little cakes were some of his favorite desserts, especially when served ice cream.  So I got pounding to find some recipes that would delight his palate. (Punny, isn't it?)

23 January 2014

Roasted Sesame Stir Fry

There is nothing quite as disheartening as an atypical ingredient in a new recipe you're all jazzed to try.  Fenugreek?  Cardoon?  How about jaggery?  Definitely not your standard pantry dwellers.  Lemongrass is one that I struggle with in particular, always wanting that truly authentic flavor but never being able to find it at a local market (anyone in Ohio reading this, hook a foodie up).  Typically I steer clear of these oddballs, but here I embrace my favorite specialty oil - roasted sesame.  Trust me, this is an ingredient you need to try, especially in this deliciously healthy and easy little stir fry.

18 January 2014

Bacon Pesto Waffles

Sweet or savory?  Welcome to the recurring conversation of weekends in our household.  After a morning-breath kiss and the ruling on who has the worse bed head that particular day, this question always arises.  Should breakfast be sweet or savory?  (First world problems, right?)  Perhaps my favorite breakfast bread is waffles which are reserved for sweet days in most households.  And by most I mean "not our".  I absolutely love a savory waffle.  Keep that maple syrup and pass the pesto.  And perhaps some bacon while you're at it.

14 January 2014

Roasted Beet, Kale & Quinoa Salad w/ Goat Cheese & Almonds

I have an affinity for neglected vegetables.  Celery root, jicama, dragon tongue beans...whatever it may be, please pass them my way and I'll see to it that they are eaten.  My newest favorite: beets.  Pickled or roasted, greens or bulbs, I cannot get enough of this fantastic little root.  And once I accidentally discovered they keep for practically ever in the refrigerator, we've been having bi-weekly roastings to tide us over on the weekdays.  And this salad is my current go-to dish for these delicious red beauties.

08 January 2014

Mango Moscow Mule

This year we rang in the New Year with an old drink...the classic Moscow Mule.  This traditional highball dating back to 1934 is one of my all time favorites, though it is as dangerous as it is delicious.  A perfectly zesty and fresh combination of ginger beer, lime and vodka, please allow me to introduce the favorite new drink of your cocktail repertoire.

05 January 2014

Sweet Potato & Mascarpone Ravioli with Browned Butter & Fried Sage

Is it me or does winter seem extra cold this year?  I mean, how many days of negative wind chills are really necessary?  Isn't there a quota out there that once met means winter is over?  Apparently not, because the cold just keeps on coming.  Our electric company even sent out a notice forewarning of higher than average bills for the coming month due to the lower than average temperatures we've been suffering seeing.  But it's OK because the hubs and I have been making the most of it.  Fires every night with a glass of red wine and plenty of warm, delicious dinners make every chilly day much more comfortable.  But even if you're not going through a deep freeze, you'll love these homemade Sweet Potato & Mascarpone Ravioli.