27 March 2013

Creamy Polenta with Turkey Meatballs & Basil

Polenta is the unsung hero of Italian cuisine.  So frequently overshadowed by a plethora of pastas, this delicious, gluten-free grain can be forgotten about.  Inconceivable!  But sadly true.  In fact, it had been several months since I've made a dish with polenta, and even longer since I've blogged about it.  To make up for this tragedy, I bring to you one of my favorite polenta dinners.  Ready in 20 minutes, this delicious, simple and hearty dish is one that you will look forward to making any night of the week.  

23 March 2013

The Best Ever Pad Thai

In our home, I am typically the foodie that does the cooking.  The hubs studies and writes medical journals, while I dabble in the kitchen.  However, when he has the time he is a fantastic chef with a few signature dishes that knock off my socks.  His Pad Thai is one of those dishes.  I have never attempted to make it, but he does frequently.  And let me tell you, we've stopped going out for Thai food.  

19 March 2013

Brussels Sprout, Black Bean & Brie Quesadilla

I never thought for a moment that I would ever live to see the day that my husband would actually ask me to make brussels sprouts.  He had never even eaten one until I began my sprout-kick early last year.  Ladies and gents, it is with sheer delight that I inform you this day did indeed come.  It was last Thursday, March 14th, 2013.  He simply slipped into the conversation his desire for me to make brussels sprouts again.  Well, perhaps not exactly brussels sprouts...but he did request that I make this exact quesadilla again.  And any time that I get to eat black beans, sprouts and black truffle brie grilled to melty perfection, I am happy to oblige.  Score one for the vegetarians!

16 March 2013

Nutella Stuffed Beignets

I love the delicious creations of Joy the Baker.  This chica puts out some seriously good eats.  In fact, she's one of my favorite foodie bloggers (see list on the left...mostly for my quick & easy access).  I don't know what it is, but I think that she has channelled my husband's taste in treats.  When she came out with a recipe for buttermilk beignets, I knew that I absolutely had to make these for him.  After the all, the hubs gave me a candy thermomater for Christmas, and what better way to thank him then by making one of his favorite treats?

11 March 2013

Corned Beef Pot Pie

St. Patrick's Day - the day we remember the beloved patron saint of Ireland by dyeing beer, watch for rainbows and wear green to avoid being pinched.  After chasing out the snakes, he must've had a ball.  We always celebrate with our most favorite of traditions, the much beloved corned beef and cabbage.  My mom made it every year growing up, and it has a huge spot in my heart.  Plus there's all that great leftover meat for Rueben's and corned beef hash.  But there's another dish that I would like to introduce to your leftover repertoire if you can stand to give your Thousand Island a little break.  The amazing flavor of the Irish dinner with all the warmth of a truly great comfort food...ladies and gents, I give you the Corned Beef Pot Pie. 

09 March 2013

Rolo Walnut Blondies

Everyone loves a good brownie.  And why not?  Chocolatey and decadent, this dessert has it all.  In our chocolate-loving household, we often forget about the brownie's fairer friend, the delicious blondie.  This light, buttery bar is one of my favorites.  Wonderfully chewy, these little bars win over brownies when it comes to their consistency.  Maybe it's all the butter, but I don't really care to find out.  They passed the taste test...that's good enough for me.

06 March 2013

Greek Lamb Pizza

Feta.  Roasted red pepper.  Oregano.  Savory meat.  Yogurt.  An entire head of garlic.  I eat at least something in this list on a daily basis, which is probably why I love Greek food.  It can be from a street cart or a la carte, just as long as it is filled with the overwhelming flavors that leave my breath so pungent, Altoids turn back in fear.  But in addition to its deliciousness, this cuisine is also very near and dear to the hubs and I for one other very important reason:  it's what he made me for dinner the night he proposed.  So every time we enjoy Greek food, it is with two cheshire-like smiles spread across our faces (in addition to a smear of yogurt).  And this Greek Lamb Pizza may be our best interpretation yet.