19 October 2014

Smokey Buffalo Burgers with Roasted Poblanos & Avocado

I have a working theory that it is impossible to leave Costco without twice as many items as were on your list. You may walk in with the good intention of only purchasing almonds, greek yogurt, and a roast chicken, but inevitably chewing gum, toilet paper, and an 10 pound block of cheese end up in that oversized cart. The solution is simple: If you're going to impulse buy in bulk, be sure you get the good stuff...such as lean and mean ground buffalo.

16 September 2014

Nectarine Dried Cherry Crisp

The temperature has plummeted! I have officially rotated my wardrobe, moving pants to the front of the shelf and releasing my plethora of coats from their vacuum bagged prison. The pups is loving this reprieve from the heat, being able to once again join us on our shorter runs and roll in the dewy morning grass. But she isn't the only one...ladies and gentlemen, start your ovens!

07 September 2014

Aperol Spritz

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but this past summer has been absolutely fabulous. Loads of sunshine without too much heat or humidity...what else could you ask for? Only an equally fabulous and delicious summer cocktail.

24 August 2014

Grilled Sweet Potato Rounds with Fresh Mint

A few weeks ago we celebrated my 30th birthday. Yup....the big 3-0 folks. For once the hubs did not permit my nonchalant, "just another day" attitude that was my signature for every 20-something after I could legally get into a bar. He got together a group of friends and planned the perfect shindig - old school steakhouse followed by a tequila bar...the perfect combination of classy and scandalous. It was a night of delicious debauchery, but one that also blew out eating-out budget for the month. It was totally worth it, especially considering the awesome cheap eats that we can do at home to balance that big ticket night out a bit.

17 August 2014

Cheddar & Chive Zucchini Gratin

My very favorite thing about zucchini is its versatility.  Grilled, sliced or shredded, it's a great addition to practically practically any savory or sweet dish.  But from time to time, it's important to remember this veggie is flippin' fabulous all on its own and it deserves the full spotlight every now and again.  Particularly when that light comes with panko and cheese.....yum.

24 July 2014

Chimichurri Turkey Burgers with Avocado

I have always been a sucker for condiments.  Ketchup, barbecue sauce, pickled jalapenos, tomato relish, pesto, creamed honey...if you can spread it, I can overindulge.  Where most would be happy with a tablespoon or so, it seems I always need about a quarter cup to satisfy my craving.  This is also the reason I hoard emptied food jars like a crazy person...it seems there are always more sauces like this delightful chimichurri that need to stored. 

17 July 2014

Cherry Tomato, Zucchini & Brie Pasta

Cherry tomato season is finally upon us!  May the feasting commence!!!  Ever since I was a little girl picking veggies in our family garden, I have looked forward to the first fresh tomatoes of the year with the same anticipation most people reserve Black Friday.  (Red...Wednesday?  Why not!)  Now my hubs is pretty darn terrific.  Sure I've mentioned his culinary talents and yes, he is now officially a doctor.  But there's a lot more to my man than that.  For instance, he is also an avid reader, loves kids and has a die-hard fanbase in the online world of Tetris.  But last week he topped the cake by bringing me the very first ripe tomato from our rooftop community garden.  That's one heck of a man.

07 July 2014

Summer Radish Toast

Hi. My name is Paul, and I am the second foodie, also known as 'the hubs'. You may have seen me in the background of photos, patiently waiting for Annika to take a picture of her wonderful creations while the food gets chilled. But hey, that’s cool – I still get to eat amazing food on a regular basis. So this is kind of an awkward circumstance...writing on behalf of my wife on her blog. However, because I had a major hand in creating this dish, Annika asked me to write it up. So here it goes...

15 June 2014

Rosemary & Olive Oil Farinata

Here we are people.  The moment of truth (or post, if you will).  Italian time!  I've been itching to recreate some dishes from our international adventure at home, and here we begin with one of my very favorites.  Move over crackers....meat and cheese have a new favorite partner in this household!

08 June 2014

Different Places, Same Three Faces

So remember that last post in which I alluded to fabulous Italian cuisine on the horizon?  Perhaps I should have been a bit more exact with my timeline...for three weeks later not a recipe has been posted.  Why?  Well because these two foodies and our pup have relocated to beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota!

16 May 2014

Ciao a tutti!

It has officially been a month since my last shared recipe.  A dreadfully long time in the world of blogging, but a fabulously long time for the hubs and I.  Why precisely is that?  Because the majority of that month was spent in Italy!!!  Perfetto!

16 April 2014

Blanco Verde Enchiladas with Fish & White Beans

Have I mentioned my affinity for the color green?  To call it my favorite would be an understatement.  The main color for our wedding, the pattern on our china, the color of our first piece of Le Creuset cookware, even the color contacts I wore throughout college...all green.  But even I had to chuckle at my produce haul this past week:  broccoli, spring onions, zucchini, peppers, apples and avocados made the red cherry tomatoes seem somewhat flamboyant.  With all the budding blooms outdoors and fresh produce indoors, it is the perfect time of year for some very green (and very good) enchiladas.

05 April 2014

Chicken Caesar Salad Tacos

The process of moving is always stressful.  Flimsy cardboard boxes and cumbersome furniture is cajoled into a truck before the inevitable breaking of some (hopefully unimportant) item.  But the pre-moving?  Man, I love that time.  I get to riffle through every nook and cranny of our apartment, hunting for treasures and chucking all trash.  I finally found my missing Valentine's sock (that mate's been lonely for a year and a half), gave away two copies of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels on VHS (why did I even have two?) and the hubs made $60 selling used medical textbooks on Amazon.  We're slowly but surely downsizing in preparation for the packing, and that includes the pantry.

27 March 2014

Indian Spiced Lamb in Yogurt Sauce

You've all played the Forever food game, where you pick one type of cuisine to eat for the rest of your life because you love it just that much.  For the hubs that's Mexican...my man would eat chilaquiles, enchiladas and huevos rancheros every day and be completely satisfied until his dying day.  And honestly, I could too...as a runner up.  Without a doubt, my Forever food is (and always) will be Indian.  Tender basmati, chewy naan, sweet lassi, flavorful masala, rich yogurt, spicy chilies....I could go on forever.

23 March 2014


For nearly three years I've written to you as the wife of a medical student in Southeast Ohio.  As of this May, all that will change.  I'll still be sharing our delicious kitchen exploits, but as the wife of a doctor and radiology resident.  After four years of relentless studying, sporadic hospital shifts and diligent work, we are so excited for the next stage of this adventure in medicinal life.  And as Match Day was last Friday, we found out where that life will continue....

18 March 2014

Corned Beef, Havarti & Sauerkraut Panini

Another St. Patrick's Day has come and gone, leaving our refrigerator filled with odd ends of corned beef, boiled potatoes, sauerkraut and roasted cabbage.  Yessssss.  The timing is perfect for fantastic leftover creations with all the bold flavors of your traditional corned beef dinner.  Time for pot pie, Irish-inspired omelets and my take on the classic reuben.

16 March 2014

Movie Snack Cookies

In an effort to spring clean our lives, the hubs and I have been working on our Netflix queue by watching movies every weekend.  Last night was spent with Populaire, a darling French film that had us laughing within five minutes (two thumbs and a pup paw up).  In order to make an in-house movie night more authentic, it is essential to have cinema snacks.  For us that entails popcorn and M&M's, two perfect munchies to satisfy the salty, sweet and crunchy cravings.  I'm always bouncing back and forth between the bowls, as the combo of crisp kernels and creamy chocolate is so very scrumptious.  So the idea to throw the two together in cookie batter was genius, creating the combo I love in a convenient cookie form with a lot less wiggling to distract the hubs from the home-ified cinematic experience.

12 March 2014

Pea, Prosciutto & Parmesan Risotto with Seared Scallops

It's March, meaning enough time has passed since New Year's for a truly rich and decadent dish.  I always try to hold out on these for a while, my attempt to assist all you resolutioners out there to turn those shining ideas into habitual healthy choices.  But I seriously cannot wait any longer to share this one.  The starter crops of fresh asparagus and peas are just too tempting for this veggie-lover to resist.  And in case those don't float your boat, how about tons of parmesan cheese and savory prosciutto?  Or oodles of creamy risotto?  Yeah, now I have your attention.

09 March 2014

Caesar Asparagus Toast with Poached Egg

There are three things I will never turn down:  artisan bread, high quality dark chocolate and a farm fresh egg.  Regardless of time, place or hunger level, I am powerless to turn away from their temptation.  Recently I've sworn off mass manufactured bread, opting to make my own whole wheat loaves at home (which I will share once the recipe is perfected) so artisan bread is currently in ample supply.  And as chance would have it, the hubs and I happened to get our hands on some hours old eggs last week.  Needless to say, I've been eating eggs and toast like it's going out of style.  And with all the gorgeous asparagus at the market, this Caesar Asparagus Toast has been replayed throughout the week like the theme song from Titanic at a 1997 prom.

03 March 2014

Shamrock Cookies

Top o' the mornin' to ya!  Actually, it's 7:25 in the evening, but the Irish vibe is reverberating throughout every red hair on my head.  It's only two weeks until St. Patrick's Day, always a fabulous corn beef filled festivus in our household, but this year it's an especially momentous occasion.  So fabulous and exciting that I am giving up on trying to contain my enthusiasm, opting instead to bake out all my energy.  We've had cornbread (not so Irish), bagels, soda bread and of course these darling little cookies.  So darn cute and pop-able, you'd be unlucky to pass the holiday by without a batch.

26 February 2014

Barbecue White Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

This past weekend the hubs and I ate our way through Savannah, Georgia...and what an scrumptious frenzy it was.  The abundance of assorted cornbreads, freshly caught seafood, buttery grits and local liquors was enough to make a gal think about calling off another week of work and just keep eating.  Needless to say, this is not that rich Southern food.  After an overabundance of bacon, butter and other animal bi-products, the hubs and I needed reprieve from their richness.  So this week we're enjoying some of our healthy basics - delicious, nutritious and in this instance meatless.

20 February 2014

Mom's Favorite Beef Stew

Dear Old Man Winter, you've made your point.  Please leave.  I will happily forfeit next winter in advance if you would only end your relentless blustering.  Sincerely, the Craig family.  PS - Have I mentioned the pups frozen paws?

Yeah, I'm so over snow.  Maybe if there were a mountain nearby for skiing I would be singing a different tune, but I am stuck in the flattest stretch of midwestern plain around.  I mean, geeze.  The only thing keeping me sane right now is soup...pots and pots of it.  Vegetable, roasted cauliflower, lentil sausage and pesto white bean help the days ease a bit more warmly by.  But when I need a big bowl of comfort food, there is only one soup that can warm my heart and soul...my mom's beef stew.

16 February 2014

Mediterranean Chicken Phyllo Cups

There are two things that I love about being invited to a dinner party.  First, I don't have to clean the house.  Second, I don't have to worry about the main course.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore having people come over whom I get to feed.  But there's a delightful ease to being a guest...the host assigns you to appetizer/vegetable/dessert duty and all you have to do is take your assignment and run with it.  It's a great time to try new dishes, knowing the weight of the meal doesn't rest alone on your shoulders.  So when the hubs and I were assigned to appetizer duty for a dinner party last night, I was tickled Greek.  Literally.

13 February 2014

Boozy Choco-Nut Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Frosting

When it comes to Valentine's Day, you might as well call me Scrooge.  It's my absolute least favorite holiday of the year.  No matter where you go or what you do, it's practically impossible to escape the overabundance of hearts, sugary sweets and bright pinky red...which is like salt in the wound for this med student wife.  For his first three years the hubs was a medical underling, spending the day either cramming for giant exams or working the night shift.  But this year things are completely different.  No night shifts, no traveling for residency interviews and no large tests on the horizon.  Instead, the hubs and I are celebrating Valentine's on the actual day for the first time...ever.  We're going all out this year with cards, flowers and a heart-shaped cake.  But don't let the shape of that cake fool you.  Stuffed with peanut butter, bananas, chocolate chips and hint of whiskey, this is about as far from a pink fluffy dessert as you can get.

11 February 2014

Weeknight Coconut Masala

The other day I was having a long belated conversation with one of my favorite punxs (a.k.a. college girlfriends) regarding healthy weeknight eating.  She was trying to get off the fast food track and back onto the healthy homemade route.  A task that is often much easier said that done, especially when you're looking some delicious ethnic comfort food.  I don't know about you, but I have been having serious Indian cravings this winter.  The extended cold and overbearing piles of snow make me jones for the spice and heat of garam masala, cayenne pepper and golden turmeric.  Factor in that this is a make-ahead sauce that can be kept ready for action in the refrigerator and you've got a weeknight meal that can't be beat.

04 February 2014

Roasted Salmon with Kale Mushroom Couscous & Sun-dried Tomato Relish

Let's revisit that divine Sun-Dried Tomato Relish I posted a few days back.  I'm still loving this stuff on toast with cream cheese on a daily basis, but this snack is no proper dinner (lazy, yes...sound nutritional value, no).  I've been having quite a fun and tasty time trying this relish with pasta, grilled vegetables and hot dogs (had to be done).  After all, relish can be put on anything...including salmon.

02 February 2014

Sun-Dried Tomato Relish

No, there's nothing wrong with your eyes.  You're seeing red, and that red is a relish.  The pickle corporations do not have a copyright on this name, meaning it can still be applied to any spreadable and flavorful concoction regardless of color.  Any chopped vegetable or fruit can become a relish, including sun-dried tomatoes.  And this spread is so delicious, it's honestly borderline inappropriate.  So please allow me to expand your color horizons and introduce you to the relish we're smearing on pretty much everything coming out of our kitchen nowadays.

27 January 2014

Coconut Nutella Pound Cake

I've never cared much for pound cake.  After eating one too many heavy, dry and flavorless bricks at the post-church coffee/snack table growing up, I avoided them completely.  But after succumbing to a beautiful looking cranberry loaf over the holidays, the hubs made a startling revelation...he loves pound cake.  Having never made one in all our pre-dating, post-proposal and mid-marriage years, I didn't know these dense little cakes were some of his favorite desserts, especially when served ice cream.  So I got pounding to find some recipes that would delight his palate. (Punny, isn't it?)

23 January 2014

Roasted Sesame Stir Fry

There is nothing quite as disheartening as an atypical ingredient in a new recipe you're all jazzed to try.  Fenugreek?  Cardoon?  How about jaggery?  Definitely not your standard pantry dwellers.  Lemongrass is one that I struggle with in particular, always wanting that truly authentic flavor but never being able to find it at a local market (anyone in Ohio reading this, hook a foodie up).  Typically I steer clear of these oddballs, but here I embrace my favorite specialty oil - roasted sesame.  Trust me, this is an ingredient you need to try, especially in this deliciously healthy and easy little stir fry.

18 January 2014

Bacon Pesto Waffles

Sweet or savory?  Welcome to the recurring conversation of weekends in our household.  After a morning-breath kiss and the ruling on who has the worse bed head that particular day, this question always arises.  Should breakfast be sweet or savory?  (First world problems, right?)  Perhaps my favorite breakfast bread is waffles which are reserved for sweet days in most households.  And by most I mean "not our".  I absolutely love a savory waffle.  Keep that maple syrup and pass the pesto.  And perhaps some bacon while you're at it.

14 January 2014

Roasted Beet, Kale & Quinoa Salad w/ Goat Cheese & Almonds

I have an affinity for neglected vegetables.  Celery root, jicama, dragon tongue beans...whatever it may be, please pass them my way and I'll see to it that they are eaten.  My newest favorite: beets.  Pickled or roasted, greens or bulbs, I cannot get enough of this fantastic little root.  And once I accidentally discovered they keep for practically ever in the refrigerator, we've been having bi-weekly roastings to tide us over on the weekdays.  And this salad is my current go-to dish for these delicious red beauties.

08 January 2014

Mango Moscow Mule

This year we rang in the New Year with an old drink...the classic Moscow Mule.  This traditional highball dating back to 1934 is one of my all time favorites, though it is as dangerous as it is delicious.  A perfectly zesty and fresh combination of ginger beer, lime and vodka, please allow me to introduce the favorite new drink of your cocktail repertoire.

05 January 2014

Sweet Potato & Mascarpone Ravioli with Browned Butter & Fried Sage

Is it me or does winter seem extra cold this year?  I mean, how many days of negative wind chills are really necessary?  Isn't there a quota out there that once met means winter is over?  Apparently not, because the cold just keeps on coming.  Our electric company even sent out a notice forewarning of higher than average bills for the coming month due to the lower than average temperatures we've been suffering seeing.  But it's OK because the hubs and I have been making the most of it.  Fires every night with a glass of red wine and plenty of warm, delicious dinners make every chilly day much more comfortable.  But even if you're not going through a deep freeze, you'll love these homemade Sweet Potato & Mascarpone Ravioli.