29 June 2012

Mazatlan - la Tardía Luna de Miel

Echo de menos Mazatlán. Es cierto.

The sudden drop off in posting was difícil.  But at the same time, very necessary.  Almost one year ago, my wonderful hubs and I became one in holy matrimony.  And though we had a lovely mini-moon, it was about time that we took a full-fledged honeymoon to celebrate.

Being new at my job, I had not accrued a great deal of vacation time by the time the wedding bells began to toll.  Therefore, in addition to the travel time between Ohio and Washington, a 2-day mini-moon was all we had time for.  A lovely mini-break it was, indeed.....but in no way did it quality as the full-fledged, tropical get-a-way, forget-the-day-of-the-week honeymoon every couple should have.  So we joyously coupled our honeymoon with a post-boards celebration by traveling to glorious Mazatlan.  

Italy was our first choice.  But once we realized the timing would be right after the most stressful point of our (likely) entire marriage, we decided a less busy, more relaxing environment would be perfect.  And man, we were 100% correct.

This is our favorite restaurant, Cilantro's....a lovely contrast in color and delicious bistro.  Best part of all - it was about 30 feet away from our room, and right on the beach. 

So goregous.

Next, we have the sister resort....the more modern, glamorous relative. 

And, of course, the food.  We went all-inclusive, so this trip was all about eating.  Take, for example, the fresh pico de gallo at every meal.  

Then there were the glorious stuffed poblano peppers.....these beauties were amazing.

And please, let me not forget the recipe that I am desperate to recreate...the chorizo jalapeno brick oven pizza.  Sooooo amazing.  Be prepared for a copy-cat version coming soon.  

And on that note, also be preparing yourself for amazing savory breakfasts.  Fried tortillas, pickled peppers and plenty of delicious sauces.....ohhhh my stars.  Savory breakfast died and went to heaven, completely killing my sweet breakfast tastebuds in the process.

So in summation, I am delighted to be back to my kitchen and blog after a long, well deserved vacay.  Buen provecho!

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