30 July 2013

Chocolate Hazelnut Misto

The best part of waking up is coffee in your cup.  You may have heard that tune with some alternative lyrics, but to this Western Washingtonian there one coffee that reigns supreme over all the others, and of it I will forever sing.  Nothing beats sipping a steaming beverage out of a mermaid cup while walking on the water's edge...unless it's a lazy Saturday morning in your pajamas.  We sometimes will truck down to our local shop in our sweats and roll back with coffee in hand, but more often I like to make this tasty little homemade concoction.  That way I avoid the "compliments" on my piggy pajamas and odd stares at bed head.  

When it comes to coffee shops, the hubs and I are creatures of habit.  He always goes for the nonfat mocha while I opt for the hazelnut misto, my absolute favorite drink.  Now a misto is not the most popular drink on the menu, typically overshadowed by Americanos, mochas and lattes (oh my!)  But it is absolutely scrumptious and a bit more figure friendly.  The concept is very much like a latte, but a little bit lighter and a little less intense.  While a latte is mostly milk with a few shots of espresso, a misto is a 50-50 combo of coffee and steamed milk.  A little lighter, a bit more figure friendly and flipping delicious in the morning.  Even the habitual hubs will opt for a chocolate misto from time to time.

It goes without saying that this drink is basically a combination of our two favorites.  His chocolate and my hazelnut are stirred into dark coffee, mixed with steamed milk, topped with a foamy crown and drizzled with an extra kiss of chocolate syrup.  It's the perfect His + Hers!  We both prefer our coffee with the actual coffee bean flavor as opposed to all syrup (go figure) and find that a tablespoon of each in our big cup o' joe is just right.  But like any good barista knows, what matters most is how it tastes to the consumer.  Just play around with the syrups until you find what works for you.

As I mentioned the hubs loves his mochas.  But when we're not making espresso to go with out steamed milk, we always use our milk frother.  It's super fast, heating the milk and whipping beautiful foam in seconds with only the push of a button.  Sure, it's not as artsy-fartsy as the traditional steamed milk, but it's an awesome little addition to your kitchen gadget gang.  

Chocolate Hazelnut Misto (single serving)

  • 8 oz dark coffee
  • 1/2 c milk 
  • 1/2 oz  (1 tbs) hazelnut syrup 
  • 1/2 oz  (1 tbs) chocolate syrup 
Brew your coffee in the pot.  With an espresso machine or a milk frother, steam the milk until hot and foamy.  

Combine the coffee, hazelnut syrup and chocolate syrup in a mug and stir together.  Taste and add additional syrup if desired.  Pour in the milk and top with foam.  Drizzle with an extra helping of chocolate syrup and enjoy with your favorite pastry.  


  1. Steamed milk is the end result of milk being exposed to high pressured steam from an espresso machine, also known as a latte machine. It is made by introducing steam gradually into milk until the natural fats within it expand to create 'micro-foam', a layer of very small milk bubbles.