21 November 2013

Papa's Little Pigs

Nothing sticks with you quite like a childhood favorite.  Perhaps that's why I've alluded to this recipe so many, many times before.  To me, there is nothing in the world quite like this breakfast.  As soon as that first bite passes my lips, I'm immediately transported back to a breakfast table containing the 5 year-old version of myself in feety pajamas, sitting across from my braces-clad brothers with my volleyball popple at my side.  And of course, my dad at the head of the table.  Because this was his signature breakfast - Little Pigs.  Aptly named, considering the squeals of delight that erupted from us kids whenever he donned an apron in the morning.

This is a dish that has been passed down through our family from generation to generation.  When my father was a boy, my great-grandfather would often come down from Canada to visit him and his siblings.  During his time in the states, he would always go to the local butcher ship and pick fresh breakfast sausage links, telling the kids "I'd thought you'd like a feed of little pigs."  This exact phase my dad used when he made these for us, and I look forward to the day when I'll say this to my children as well.  (I've already used it on the hubs...his squeal did not meet my expectations.)

Having grown up with this breakfast, I was shocked to find that Little Pigs is not a staple breakfast in every child's life.  So insanely simple and good, to miss out on eating this is just tragic.  Only three easy ingredients - toast, sausage and applesauce - make the term "recipe" seem almost laughable, but their combination is truly fabulous.  

As expressed time and time again, nothing is as delicious as sausages and applesauce.   The juice from the sausages mixes with the applesauce to create a sweet and savory sauce that is unlike any other.  Served over a piece of crisp toast, you have a nice crunch at the beginning that slowly softens as the bread absorbs moisture from the ingredients above.  It's sooooo good.

Having only three ingredients, this meal is super easy to throw together.  Once you've grilled your sausages, just set them on top of your toast, cover with applesauce and get eating before I do.  If you're making this for a family, the smart move is to just grill up the entire package of links at once.  You're almost guaranteed that people will want seconds, and once the sausages are cooked it takes only a minute to toast another slice of bread.  I also like warming the applesauce a bit just before serving, to help keep those little piggies underneath warm.

Happy breakfast!  And thanks for this one, Papa. 

Papa's Little Pigs (for 2)
  • 2 slices of bread
  • 8-10 breakfast link sausages (pork, turkey, maple...your choice)
  • 3/4 c applesauce, store-bought or homemade 
Cook the sausages in a non-stick pan according to directions.  While the sausage cooks, place the applesauce in a microwave-safe bowl and the bread slices in your toaster.

When the sausages are nearly finished, toast the bread and warm the applesauce slightly, about 30-45 seconds in the microwave.  

To serve, divide the bread slices between two plates (or one, if you're hungry!)  Top each slice with 4 sausage links and spread with as much applesauce as you like.  Serve hot.  

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